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Exciting new TV show for women

Launching on Sky Channel 589

November 30th 

Mondays @ 1:30pm

Enhancing the lives of women with discussions, hints and tips!

Topics include: Mental health, Motherhood, Business, Faith, Education and more...

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The Essence of Amanda Alexander Productions

Did you know that a biscuit in America is not the same as a biscuit in the UK!

The food name is the same but yet two different stories can be told from the same name.

That's our 'Essence'

To bring out and create hidden stories

To engage global audiences

To bring understanding to viewers of different cultural lifestyles through

TV story-telling!

Amanda graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London with a Masters' in TV Media Journalism, she's also a holder of a Bachelor of Law degree with Honours from the University of West London. 

Having interned at CNN, BBC and ITV, and worked for Carib-Direct, Amanda has appeared in a number of well known films and TV programmes. Amanda has written and produced programming which have been aired in the United States. As a writer, director, producer and editor she's bringing to UK screens stories from around the world that are educational, inspirational and motivational! 

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Bridging cultures through bringing their stories to life!

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